October 31, 2006

anoaothar waranaign!

u know if you staire too logn inta a micraowave ovan whila its workign youl endup wastign teh whole godamn day.

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If you microwave tinned potatoes, they become unstable & explode when you stick a fork in 'em. It's funny when it happens to someone else.
staring at a cumputor all day makes you want to stick it in the microwave
"Stick it in the microwave"?

Fucking pervert.
don't knock it till you've tried it. i dare ya
Did I say I wasn't a fucking pervert, Anonymous?
When you gaze into the microwave, know that the microwave gazes also into you...
Come on, it's hardly a waste. There are far less constructive things, like surfing blogs.
srufign bolgs? whasts there about surfang to wriate about taht much? like


dude i wen't surfigiign todey!


dude bumer it raned!


dude i like surrfed an watnot!


watar stil wet


vary wet indeeed actuly. went sufrign! dude!

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