November 16, 2006

let momy just TRY to killl THIS aniamal

juust ot teh latast newsletar form our local nerd emporiom. well guess what? they got stufed mooon beastes!

Stuffed Moon Beast

dude! that sooo rules. im gona get my niece one.

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Are maggots eating its brain or what?
yep! it freead its mind an its ass is gona folow.
Minds Freed; Asses to Follow
Is your niece anything like you, 3H? Many more of those toys and she will be, in the mental health stakes at least...
Do they do full-size plushy suits? I want to "get my niece one" too.
Why is it being attacked by a lot of socks?
don't you just love it when retards cant spell on their entire blog?

I Mean What Kind Of Lamer Are You? Honestly!!

Cant Even Spell Car Wtf Is That About. Get A Dictionary And Run Through Your Site Again.
Spelling Like A 4 Year Old Isn't Cool Unless your 4
I sense irony, much irony. We can only hope that it is intentional.
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