December 24, 2006


an a mery fucklign crismas to u to ashole.

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If I were Joseph Conrad, I'd say you addressed your sphincterish readership with refreshing bluntness. You're not German, are you?

Merry Xmas, anyway.
Merry Christmas, Arlington
Feliz Navidad!
Joyeux Noël and whatnot!
Varied Xmus.
Merry Frimpas!
Haven't you been watching Faux News?? Christmas died in the war.

Happy Secular December Holidays!
Never mind my arsehole, how about wishing me something happy as a loyal reader, you illiterate gun-toting American person sort of thing?
Too late now for merry whatever. I wish you nothing but fun and frolics for the next year.

Failing that, do some work for once.
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