January 19, 2007

garroilic card!

teh garlic card! pureey gorloic with ease! im getin one.

ima greaet partasan of teh micraapoilane (works lika charm on maple too!) but moare optoins is ogood optons! an it looks cool.

but if ur coookign for gerls u cant tel em u used teh grartar to make shelves with cuase women get al wierd abuot that stuff. an u tottly dont wana tel em u used anythiging to cook with that u worked on ur engiane with. or even teh transision for heavhehnsakes! or godforbid changed a tire. ur like 'dude ralax i cleaned it! an a litle oil wont kill u anyway.' but their all liek u know 'yapyapyap etc.' girls are weiired. cant figure em out.

thnnaks gail.

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Girls don't appreciate being offered a line of cocaine chopped with a dirty garlic card either. Unless they're French, in which case they wouldn't notice.
If you think that girls are unreasonable, try shop assistants. They won't let me pay with my garlic card anywhere...
hgubny - i fnid they do notiice an it wroks wondars. they rely seem to apreciiate it.

iven - not evan in transalavlania?
Credit cards in Rumania, 3H? Riiiiiight - those rustics haven't even heard of Visa...
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