January 15, 2007


for twentysome yers ive ben telign people im six fet tal but i jwas sudanly seized by dowubt an mesured myself. an found im only five feet 11 an 15/16 inchas.

oh dear god waht now?!!


no no waiiiat! ok ive got thsi weiired batrom in my new apt an if i standnd up strate under the one part my heads frimly gaist it. so i was liek ok tahts how tal i am. but no if i stand upstraight just infront of it my head actuly wint pas under it. so moreare like 6 feet an one qaratr inch. dude. my manhood is praseraved!

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I think you should just go and lie down, 3H...
Is this the result of some local anomaly in the laws of physics, or just a damp bathroom floor?
Is your manhood really preserved, or is this another hoax?
I persist in telling people I'm 5'9". Depends on whether you measure from the bump on my head or not...
I am five foot eight and a half inches, which was the average male height in the 1950s. My son is six foot one, which show what a good upbringing can achieve.

The old English class system ensured that tall meant rich.
3H, you're always under the assumption that space is isotropic, hence length is preserved everywhere. I thought you're more original than that...

Here's an experiment for you to perform; it will teach you to abandon Euclidean prejudices. Measure your length at one end of the bathroom, and then quick (but real quick, you hear? Like, approaching the speed of light or somethin') run to the other end of it, and measure yourself again. You'll notice a sizeable difference in height. No mystery there, to be sure.

On a quite unrelated note, I'll be in Portland, ME at a conference in May. Any cool spots I shouldn't miss in that metropolis? Any Sehenswuerdigkeiten, things like that? And I'm not talking about the L.L. Bean-clad local strippers here.
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