January 29, 2007

kililier facct!

poawars of two! 2 4 8 16 32 etc.

teh difrance batween eaach one an the hnext is exacly twicce as much eacht time! ive beeen checkin em an except for 249 it holds true up to 32768. i gota check a bunch maore of em but its eerily consistant so far.

wierd huh? im startign to think it cant be a conscidants.


up to 4284967295 an stil in the grooove!

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Keep up the good work!
Ok I'll bite. Which power of 2 ends in a '5'?
You are so wrong. And on so many levels, of both "wrong" and "you"...
pareiar - thannks!

spanny - uhh. two to teh... um... several?

ivvon - dude man nevar doi noghing hafway!
"Shit happens", as you Americans say. It's a statistical anomaly, no more than that.
Well, I guess 2 to a negative power tends to have a decimal ending in '5' ...
Audrey -- It's not just us. Shit really DOES happen!
Well, here's anothar killr fcatt, as you call'em: it is impossible to separate any power higher than the second into two like powers.

And another one, to kill you for good. Any object without a hole in it can be molded into a sphere through a smooth group of transformations. Eh? Are you dead yet?
Very nearly.
You're a torus, H.B., topologically speaking. Or worse.
Twice as much as what?
"Any object without a hole in it can be molded into a sphere through a smooth group of transformations."

I tried this with my mattress and it didn't work. I suppose there must be a hole in it.
Well, by using the word 'object' he has clearly implied that you can't use a real physical object.
According to Carl E. Linderholm: a man with his mouth and anus open is topologically equivalent to a ring doughnut and with them closed; to a ball.
Ah, yes: Carl E. Linderholm, The Man Without Nostrils. I knew him well.
that's a good point! probably a cokehead. most mathematicians are.
Mathematics Made Difficult is still one of the best books i've read - better than spot the dog at any rate.
It is trivial to spot a dog. Look for the ears. Can't miss 'em.
Based on mere inductive findings, it looks like an inordinate amount of math nerds read you blog, 3H. Is that something you should worry about -- like, potentially socially crippling to mention or something?
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