March 31, 2007

Eating in Portland, Maine

Mesa Verde, somewhere on Congress St., but you'll never need or want to find it.

Execrable, heavy, criminally incompetent college-cafeteria "Mexican" food, except for the guacamole. We considered the guac acceptable, as far as it went. But it came in a bowl that turned out to contain a false bottom of shredded iceberg lettuce filling half the volume. NOT. ACCEPTABLE.

We felt vaguely queasy for hours after we left.


Duckfat, 43 Middle Street, Portland, ME

We had the french fries fried in duck fat with aioli (they call it "garlic aioli", redundantly, but what the heck — it's Maine) and curry mayo for dipping on the side, the smoked squash soup, and the marinated-tomato/fresh mozarella/pesto panini. All delicious. Serious, sound, thoughtful, and well-executed food. The only fault might be that the soup, while tasty, could be seen as a little too clever. Sane prices, too. If you're in Portland, drop in and tell 'em the masshole sent you, the one the cute dyke waitress hated.


Date says "She was a lesbian, but not a dyke." I pass this along for whatever it may be worth.


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You had a date. Right.
Whatever happened, it straightened out that accent!
Smoked squashed soup would have sounded really too fucking clever, I think.
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