March 19, 2007

Status Update

Was just at lunch; had a delicate and tendentious mise-en-scène of squab gobbets and troubled porcupines. Highly recommended.

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I prefer my porcupines slightly perturbed, mais chacun à son goût.
For colder days, I suggest a mise en abîme of partridge inside a duck, itself abîmé on a bed of imperturbable couscous. It is to die for.

Strungbunny, there is no grave accent on the 'a' in your phrase. It is a verb, not a preposition. Chacun a son goût, everyone has his taste. Or, you could say, alternatively and less correctly, à chacun son goût: to everyone his taste.
Fück øff.
I treated myself to a turgid mise en goût of double cheeseburger.
Heh. Some refreshing receptiveness to intellectual improvement, coming from the land that gave us Newton, Maxwell, Darwin and Dirac. Even when disguised in a faux-Scandinavian cloak, it's still nothing short of amazing. Hmmm... Where have I seen that before? Oh. Right.?
fuckign foraners...
...coming over here to take our jobs and correct our spelling. I feel for you, bro. Them durn Meskins and colored peepul...
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