February 18, 2007

why bolg

daved crasby once said that the only reson anybody starts playin music is to get chicks. thats also true of blogign but its not jsut that. theres usufructs to! not to mentoin righghts of turbary an estover. an ohter stuf i cant tell u about.

an im defanatley getin the chiks but i still havent seen usufruct one. nor no turf. whats with that im wonderan.

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Me too, I'm beating the women off with a stick. They tend to fall over once I've stolen their sticks, though.
Is that you, Paul?
Huh. Makes sense. Because I started making techno, and the chicks just want to hang with my computer.
Clown warning:


This too:
dudue ur backk!
Yes my fingers have finally grown back.


The fight back begins.
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