February 16, 2007

A Thought Experiment

Dear readers, you may try this at home. It's easy, but take care to secure the children first! When you have completed the procedure, please share your results with Mr. Wannabe.

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Urrr ... I'm not telling anybody about the little atheter-cay yet, all right? That can just be our secret, until I've got all the data. Thanks!
Erm, so we're supposed to mindlessly repeat a phrase five times to get some sound effect out of it. Where's the thought in that Gedankenexperiment, docky?
It's synthetic thought, not analytic thought.
woh siad midlness? sure wasn helon.
Um, a thought experiment is a counterfactual attempt, innit? That's why it's performed in thought -- because the empirical conditions for it can never obtain.

And there's not that much thought involved in repeating a phrase ad nauseam. OK, I guess you kind of have to pay attention to the strange effects that ensue.

It still beats me how this connects to Michelson's attempt to measure motion relative to the ether's rest frame.
It seems unclear because you neglected to take into account the neutron diffusion catheter and the bog bodies.
Totally disagree. The whole point of the Michelson-Morley experiment was to prove that neutrons *don't* diffuse, whether they are catheterized or not. (That's where we get the word "cathode" after all!) To explain all this to a lay audience would be difficult however. I'd have to go into a long argument using General Relativity. Just trust me, ok?
Perceptron, are you on crack? None of that makes any sense at all!
Marvin, why not be a little more open minded? I can't remember when you have supported any of my claims. Is this some sort of personal vendetta?
As an uninterested observer, I do in all candor have to question the motivation behind Dr. Minsky's unfortunate outburst. If we had a clearer notion of who's funding him, I'm sure we could make a more fully-informed judgement regarding his scientific reliability. I make no accusations, but this question is indeed troubling. My mind is very troubled.
We have to understand that these kinds of personal scientific vendettas can take a frightening, often life-altering emotional toll on the victim. I cannot countenance that kind of behavior under any circumstances at all, and for that reason, Dr. Minsky, I intend to pursue you to the very ends of the Earth, if need be.

But on a more pleasant note, do your children have any pets, Dr. Minsky? Perhaps somthing in the lagomorphic line? I understand you've remodelled your kitchen as well!

My mind, I must say, is troubled as well.
Rabbits were debunked decades ago. What a bunch of stone-age cretins you people are.
horscrap! im a thoraly modarn cretan. pfft. teh very ideea!
im am infact as whos should say a statea of teh art creatin.
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