March 06, 2007

ok thats it

ive beeann thinkigngn it ovar an my minds made up. im gona revert to savagery.

i think its teh right dacsisoin for me at tihhs stage of my career. il letyou know how it goes.

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May I suggest a new career either in the Marines or in professional cricket?
cricikat?! dude thers limits evan to savagry. i liek teh mariane idee thuough.
Or try academia.
Chloe Sevigny? Didn't she give that guy head in that film?
Return to savagery? Is that why you moved to Maine?

Your transition back to Rousseauian bon sauvage will be greatly eased in at least one respect: it won't require you to make any major changes in your spelling patterns. So there are upsides to being a pre-social man.

I somewhat resent Wannabe's implication; educated savages are not really to be found in academia (unless you're thinking of your typical undergrad). May I suggest a conservative think tank -- like the "Discovery" "Institute"?
Are we talking napped flint axes and fur bikinis, or are you just going to move to Milton Keynes and start wearing Burberry? It's important to be specific about these things, you see - the word "savagery" covers a multitude of sins...
...and an equal multitude of virtues.
"educated savages are not to be found in academia"

Good point desagues. In my defense, I didn't insist that they're educated.
If you want to see real savagery, we could let the Internet Political Polemic Virus (IPPV) take hold here.
Not Sevigny, Foot Eater, she's a Mormon. He's going to have surgery, and not before time.
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