February 28, 2007

Again, with the Science

I have discussed this matter with poor Arlington and we are quite agreed, that we must take a stand. A firm stand, not ambiguous at all, and quite clear. A stand on the matter of carbon.

We are against it.

Arlington would also like to say that beans, contain carbon, and they are very frightening.

Thank you.


il telyou waht im not to damn fond a boron eithar an thast a fact!

-ha aHA ah

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Does this include the bubbles in soft drinks?
i thouthghth they we'er fula aire?! jeasas! thers no ascaspe!
il telyou waht im not to damn fond a boron eithar an thast a fact!

He's better than Sacha Baron Cohen's other characters, though, you must admit.
Yeah, carbon totally sucks, dude. Hands off americium, though. You don't wanna land at Gitmo just because of your irrational dislikes, do you.

Seeing as everyone's beating up on the French these days, I guess it's OK to hate lutetium. They should call it libertium or something. And curium is in no better shape, either. Pierre was a Frog, and Marie Sklodowska-Curie became a Frog by adoption. Time to rename it freedomium.
My favorites are timonium and condominium.
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