September 09, 2007

exccitign news!

i just bookmraked anosognosia on its a conditian whe're poeople with thought disordars think their perfecly normal whan in fact there getin prety damn wacky. but its treateble!

...squirting ice cold water into the left ear... is known to temporarily ameliorate unawareness of impairment.

good to know just in case!

but ok so teh first two 'recamended tags' were 'funny' and 'politics'.

ba-dum cshshshsh!


anosognosias teh conditian! is a website. thot id clare that up ok!

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Can't imagine for a moment why that would interest you, 3H...
read an article once about the temple of Asclepius (ancient Greece's answer to social medicine, more or less), which apparently used the idea of the 'surprise bath' for treating mental illness, depression in particular. This involved either being scragged by large men & dumped in cold water, or a trapdoor opening beneath you to unceremoniously (or maybe ceremoniously, it was a temple after all) into an underground stream. Whilst this may not have cured you, I'm pretty sure it persuaded you to mask your symptoms where possible.
Gah! I'm not Laura! My Bloody sister has been at this machine!
She knows fuck-all about the temple of Asclepius, I'll have you know...
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