July 11, 2007

hyuk hhyuk

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What's so funny, Triple-H? The well-deserved dig at iPhone fetishism, or the suggestion that the iPhoneless wastes outside the US constitute a new Third World?

Well? Spit it out!
huh? teh trakcles wasts outsuside hte usa are the same old thrid wrold as aways arnt they?
Wow, even Apple is tired of those things?
ha. my exgrilfernd s---- got oane. nice heft to it an it coms in a neat box. but than teh actavatoin webpage was unusabal an she relized she didnt actuly wnat her phaoane to play mp3s anyhow. so she just raturned it. we nevar did se it in action. but havign enjoyed the packagign alredy i didnt feel i mised much.
oh alsos it was way to damn big. an teh fornt wuoulda gotan scrached. etc.
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