May 10, 2007

A chill wind across the pond

The Magistrate observes a fantastically expensive pile of useless crap being erected at ruinous expense on the public nickel:

...the projected cost of the ID card scheme has slipped upwards by a trivial four hundred million quid, bringing the official cost over five billion queenie's greenies.

That's £82.27 per Briton. They could just get everybody a really sharp haircut instead, if they really cared about equality and social justice, and didn't want to be quite such a pain in the ass. But some Britons don't have hair yet, and others have lost theirs, so maybe that's not such a great idea. Unless you were to tattoo a nice breakfast on the shiny ones. But some of the slapheads might prefer to opt for a Brazilian. What price social cohesion then?

The more I think about it, the more this ill-conceived undertaking seems doomed to failure. It can lead only to jealousy, itching, and regrets.


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Hair today, gone tomorrow... or something.
I already own a haircut. I keep it in a jar. How do I go about claiming my eighty-two pounds, as I already know who I am and therefore do not need identifying?
I can only view the prospect of state-mandated haircuts with horror. I envision nothing but a nation of Moe Howard bowl-cuts.

What they ought to think about doing is ear-tagging the infant Britons at birth. That would be instant, cheap, and make them easily identifiable in the stockyard.
Plus, when there are disease outbreaks in certain areas, you can track down and kill any that might potentially harbor the virus.

Surely worth the investment.
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Dude like where are you and stuffff?
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