April 11, 2007

dont tlak abuout bookks!

ok so anyhoow i was in teh gorcary strore an the chekckout gril was kinda cuate so i was tihnkign 'howm i gona talk to er?' so i was wrackcing my bararain an i notaced her namtag siad 'justine' so i was like ok cool an i said 'so dude ur like inta teh marquis de sade an sutff/?"

wel she didn know wat i was on abuout so i had a expaplian an it al wen't downhil form the're somehow an she caled teh managar ovar. wont try thaat agian. i gues larence durels out to?

mabe ill try justine frischshmen on er nex time im in theyre. evarybodddy lieks cars right? haveta waiat awahile though. the mananenger got al weierd whan i hit im.

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Dang. It's a good thing her name wasn't O.
In what way did the manager get weird, tho'? If he enjoyed it, maybe he was the Sade fan. You could've given Justine a live demo. Who could resist that, right?

Carpe diem, dear boy - carpe diem...
If that freak walks into my store again, I'll be ready for him. Oh, I'll be ready all right.
Did you have a store bonus card? Maybe she only goes out with guys who know the value of discounted milk.
gial - dude howd u know?! ther was on by tatht nhanme at a praty last week. truned uot her date was a marine.

ivon - is that wy he was takin his shirt of? hm.

leo - yaeh i bet u wil big boy!

chirs - no unfrutonately. but i do knaow teh price! badum chshshsh!
Helpful hint - smell the hair on her head, smile contentedly, and then smell her crotch. It doesn't work often, but when it does...
i fucken hear you what a rip people are all like read books w/e ok so u do and after all that work you just get shot down in flames for it that sucks ass major
That sucks ass, Major!
Your copybook, Ass Major.
Your honor, the defendants move for dismissal. The plaintiff's insurance policy specifically excluded coverage of losses attributable to arse majeure.
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Ok, I'm not a computer, but I keep hoping.
Hmm, I suspect this blog must be a taste currently unacquired...
...but once you get that taste, Man! You keep comin' back for more! Bogol--where the Flavor is!

(and I suspect Justine is just playing hard to get, Ha...)
It is simply remarkable answer
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