April 17, 2007

teh horor... hte horrerr...

"I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor..."

his methads are... unsuound.


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Hm. Am I revealing a deep personal weakness when I admit that I don't get it?
So is that shit transtubsanctiated or not? Video quality is too low to tell.
All mimes deserve to die.
Well, sure, but I still don't quite ....
hes teh colonel!
Unsound? I don't see any method at all!
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None of the wafers I ever et in church looked crispy like that. I want a refund.
I've never been ver clear on doctrine, but I guess some hummos or cheese dip is just out of the question?
That might improve attendance! Guacamole optional.
Melissa: guac should be a sacrament in itself

Arl: K read this book where this pompous German academic is trying to get in good with some local academics in I think Zaire, and he boasts that his book won some award called the "Leopold II Something Something."
"All mimes deserve to die."

I am just crestfallen that no one has yet responded to this comment with "That goes without saying." Crestfallen.
Argh! I'm so dense I even had to read it twice when you fed it to us.
Ok! I saw a movei on "vidio on demand" last nite, reveiwed it on my blague! Didn't really like it myself, but I hear it was good!
Teh Cernal's chickin is tha best when did he save off his heir i like teh new look tho
Apparently, this filbert is a published author, artiste & musician, an all-around flippin' polymath: http://www.fintushel.com/

I will now go stick pins in my eyes.

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