April 26, 2007


Damnable, damnable onions.

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Have you tried the little cippoline, cipolline, little flat ones?

&. I woulda thought Maine was America's Onionland?
How about shallots?
There's a poem about them, you know.
OK! I'm continueing to persue my intrest in learning more about artifitial inteligence, pleaes check ott my latest hot book revue!
Oh. I was just about to warn Dr. Haridon to watch out for "accidents" on the line. Then I see it's Onions not Unions. Nevermind.
There's trouble ahead. Those labels are going to push you up the search engine rankings for vegetables. Some very odd people will be commenting on this site in future. Unlike -er- now.
Shit, you're right. This is nothing but a shameless bid for cooking porn search hits.
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