May 03, 2007

slow nwews day

que shirra shirra.

asteranot waly shira dascribs outar space:

"Mostly it's lousy out there."

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I believe it was Virgil "Gus" Grissom that described outer space thusly: "Space is like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked."
I read that they are actually running out of vacuum. It's a serious health concern because of course vacuum blocks the X-ray radiation that causes hair cancer.
Hey man, I was playing this flash game over at Cartoon Network's website ( )

You should go into the men's room, there's something interesting in there.

No, it's not penises.

It's clowns.
chirhs tahts teh worse gamae i evar plaiid!! took me teh whoale fivae minuts to figuarte out which key movd him im whch drection with betar then 25% acuracy. teh clowans came as a bleasad ralife!!
It is kind of hard to play. And there should be power-ups that give you fewer hit-points.
Yeah, I'm not very good using the four arrow keys on a diagonal game screen, but I just presumed I was being racist against the second dimension.
The keyboard in my laptop is unscrewed right now, but I didn't think of just turning it 45 degrees.
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