July 11, 2007


Two very pleasant young men discover that the Turks have learned from history, but the History Faculty of Sydney University, have not.

Via Raymond Chen.


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To be fair, it was only the History department. They probably only know the Nazis and a few modules on How Evil White People Are.

Try that on the Classicists, on the other hand, and they'd have that horse on a bonfire before you could say timeo danaos et dona ferentes...
teh clasisisits aer uniooniszed then?
Well, they're very collegial, Classicists are. In the classical as well as the modern sense. One minute it's all tweed jackets and briar pipes, next thing you know they're cutting the noses off of freelance Greek translators for working on their turf.

"Don't argue with men who talk to tables." (W. Churchill, 1946)
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