July 12, 2007

ipohne rviaewed

my fernd s---- got oane. nice heft to it an it coms in a neat box. but than teh actavatoin webpage was unusabal an she relized she didnt actuly wnat her phaoane to play mp3s anyhow. an basids it was to damn big. so she just raturned it. we nevar did se it in action. not sure she evan swiched it on. but havign enjoyed the packagign alredy i didnt feel i mised much.

gona give it 10 outa 10 he're. no rely you shulda seeen taht box. heckova box! hard act to folla. the phone itslef woulda been a letdown for sure.

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That's true, Apple always do nice boxes.
Yes, they do, but they're not as robust as an orange crate.
Last night I used scooped out oranges as containers for vodka orange jelly shots.

They look nearly as clever as the iPhone.
I once shared a cell(don't ask) with a feller whose girlfriend used to smuggle him drugs in by injecting them into the segments of an orange through the peel. Which is as clever as the iPhone
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