September 17, 2007


ok so i got tihs frend. his grilfernd bork upw ith im an a momth latar she starts stalkin him. wich is kinda backwards but nevar mind. seems she was pised off cuause he didn want er back an she figred shed change his mind taht way. but it was abuout teh fifth time theyd broak up an u know aftar u stick ur hand in a blendar five or xix times u start thiknign 'gee somthings wrogn here. mabe i outa try a difernt blender'.

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Your "labels" make this post even awesomer!
Gurk gurk
"Friend", eh?
vobue - thannk u! their a exalent wepon in teh war agaiinst clarity!

hrugrhugugu - urk!

orb - err... uhhhh...
I have a friend going through this exact same thing! Except, in his case, she isn't his girlfriend and technically he's the stalker. Oh! Also, it's a restraining order in place of the blender.

I keep telling him to let it go, leave the poor girl be and eventually she'll forget to renew the order, but he never listens. Ah, well, as they say: it's a fool that reasons with the human heart.
sean - i duno. women apreciate atention i find. mabye hes on teh right track.

proj - wel im not suare a disintagrater is rely whats caled for he're. i mean im hopign this chicks not redign this an getign any ideas.
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