June 12, 2007

trun it on

ronald-jones-era falmigngn lips! yep they didnt useta suck! but than runald left an the instently turnd boring. an than wayne coyne startad tramsmografyging himself inta a sorta mtv-ready versian of lewis lapham. takes imslfef seroiuusly now i gues. whata bozo. screw im.

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June 07, 2007

Hole Found

A hole has been found, on Mars. It is thought to be quite deep. The boffins are very excited because it is believed, that the hole, is very similar to many holes found on Earth, in that it is in the ground, and it is not full of dirt. Instead, it is empty, and it goes into the ground, in the familiar manner. This suggests that even the very farthest planets are remarkably like Earth, in certain ways. I had a hole in my garden once, just like that one. It is startling to think, isn't it, that such a homely topographical feature is in fact so exotic?

One feels one's mind expanding!

I only hope that the Americans, who have discovered this wonderful hole, will not shoot it, or fill it with hamburgers, but will instead treat it with sensitivity and compassion.

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June 04, 2007


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