January 07, 2011

excciting news form estern europe!

poland has hiared laddy gargar to be its creative dirrector! itl be like teh meiji resteration but with nekikid poeple in giant hats! holy crap!

u know waht mencken siad about politicians: "...individuals who are not only not superior to the general, but plainly and depressingly inferior, both in common sense and in common decency". BZZZT! WORNGGG!!!1!

Almost a year to the day since Polaroid said it was signing on Lady Gaga as its creative director, the popular singer unveiled on Thursday the fruits of her labor

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King Leopold was Polish? You know, he never looked that way. I'm glad I carry around a portable printer so I can print out lots of these Killer Facts. On A4.
It's good to see the Gaga family reclaim their role in European politics. Ever since Viscount Frederick Gaga was beheaded in 1817, the Gaga role has diminished greatly.
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