July 29, 2010

I beg to differ

so I told my girlfirend i took this test that said im 4% hippie. i musta got teh four points for likin my meat raw. but anyhoow i caled her a hipie just to piss her off an she sais 'yeah wel im moare of a hippy then you because im intersted in off-the-grid selfsufficient living an your not'.

whcih she damn well knows my interests and what exactly about beign a postapocalyptic warlord isnt offgrid and selfsufficient? so i was all 'dude man admit im a hipy or ill eat ur liver'. you have to know how to relate to women.


heck ive even got a celestial soul portrait!

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I got 42%. But I don't know which 42.

Oh yes - the meaning of life! I must be 100!
im 26% hippy!
I clicked on the link for Mother Earth News, but it didn't open fast enough so I killed it.

Every hiipy in met in Boston was always super pissed off. But that was in the '90s. We don't really hold with 'em here. The only one I knew (shaking hands upside-down: "Paul? Bo."), I just heard has been packed off to rehab.
phil - 42s a bad age. thats when it all starts falling apart. better you then me dude.

porj - i like backwoods home better then mother erth news. they leaven the vermicomposting articles with stuff about guns.

hipys are annoying. got no use for em. if theyre not demanding that everybody focus on how selflessly pissed off they are then theyre demanding tghat everybody focus on how slelflessly funloving they are. miserble clownass attention whores.
alrington -- oh yeah, Happy Birthday pal

that magazine does look more practical. We are 4% post-apocalyptic! (I made 4.25 pints of blackberry jam so far this year. But I bought the berries for 4 pints of it, and all of the sugar.)
I couldn't figure a way to score less than 40% on that damn test. Then you defined hippy for us: demanding that attention be paid to one's selflessness, and I understood. Thanks for enlightenment, you are the true bodhisattva. Peace man.
One thing a lot of people have overlooked, apocalypse-wise, is car windows and door locks. Mine are 100% manually-cranked, so I can continue to utilize drivethru provisioning stations in the event of an electromagnetic pulse.
inksopt - duuuuuuude!

p.w. - now u know why i driev a conv34rtible!
i fell tooooo pieces

but then i got betar
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