July 14, 2010


teh antropologist john hawks wirites

Brain size is under stabilizing selection, and both energetic and ontogenetic demands favor smaller ones.

im ahjead of teh curve again.

p.s. he alslso says 'extraordinary claims require more than one brain'. oh boy do they ever!

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What does he mean, more than one brain? His sentence is hovering just outside of intelligibility for me.
one braiin is a mnere anacdote! not data!
Oh, I get it!

By the way I've been reading a lot about this Black Swan business and I think they're's something to it. I'm going to get one. You can't be too careful these days.
I googled under stabilizing selection and not one of the hits made sense. Has the mainstream joined your blog? Or what?
wel porjact if somebodys claimign they're was a entiare population of black swans youd like to see more than one example.

inskpsost! waht it means is just that circus acrabats have a lota kids cause they can balance good.
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