April 10, 2012

Everybody Needs a .223

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Excellent! I see you've installed the S&W Arms "backyard bunker" spotting stand. This product is well known for its outstanding stability, repeatability, and rugged good looks. A very manly take on the traditional bench rest.

Oh, wait, it's just a couple fucking landscape timbers. Never mind.
By Maine law, a firearms dealer must include a safety brochure with every firearm sold. I don't see any damn brochure in that pic of yours Arlington. You going to tell us that the dog ate it?
Satn - welcome to maine! ouor spring upkeep day was on satardy an when i saw teh old timars approach to chainsaw safety i kicked myself for only bringing one trrauma kit! But somehow they all have two legs an ten.... ok at least nine fingers each so maybe theyre onto something.

Maj. C - its right there stapled to the target stand! Resolutions too low to seethe it thats all. I could read it throuugh the scope ok. At first.
They are not allowed here in England.
Bystander - I bet they're allowed for the militarized cops in the facemasks. Personally I'd a lot rather trust you with one than them, but autre pays, autre merde as a very great Englishman once said.
Yeah now you're definitely out of the closet as an American.
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