May 23, 2011


Well, it turns out the Rapture happened on Saturday, but it was a pretty low-key event. Only three people on Earth were in a state of grace and they haven't been missed yet. Next up, we've got a thousand years of plague, famine, and war. So we don't have to learn anything new at least.


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Nothing new? Go to wikipedia and look up "locusts."
1000 years? Are you sure? I thought it was only until October.

[Memo to self: harvest medlars early this year.]
locasts arnt new phil!

maj custer - hm. wel u didn say wich octobar.
Huh, Scribal Terror went password-protected.
She went quiet a while ago. Pre-rapture, IIRC.
And, ok, I give up, why dad u apt an normant?
It's all gone a bit quiet around here. Did I miss something?
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