February 25, 2008

klilar facat!

Marshal of the Royal Air Force Arthur "Bomber" Harris was the First Baronet of Chipping Wycombe, otherwise known as High Wycombe, birthplace of Harry "Bomber" Hutton, who grew to his present imposing stature under the kind Marshal's watchful eye. By chance those are the only two Britons whose names I can think of offhand. And Nick Cave.

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February 13, 2008

looook ad docdumentntnary abuout maaine!

to be faare not all wommen in mane are liek this. onyly some.

via darawan!

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February 08, 2008

why merl hagard is a verry graeate man

bcuasue whan he sngns 'my mind aint nothin but a total blank/i think ill just sit here and drink' it rhyms.


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