December 31, 2004

kiler fact!

'dafanatley' has two 'a's not jsut one liek ppl think!

or u can even splel it 'dafanatalay' if u want extra ponts.


i totaly stoole this killar facet schtick from hairy horton but hey remeber what ts aliot said. he siad talant boarows an genuis stesals.

casal garcia vinho verde tinto

ok the casal garcia vv bronco isnt a bad litl wine. so i thot id try the red kind. wel holy crap! its awfal! omg! its liek halfased red tabel wiane mixd wiht club soda. mabe a litl hint of trona in the finash.

so for futer referance stik with the whiet kind. its much les alkaline.

killr fact! trona is on off the cheif exprots of wyomang! an evadantly portagul also. but u probaly new that.

killar fcact!

rene zellgwebler is rely anoying. an evry time i see hue grent i wana punhc him.

i dont think im the ony one ether.

December 30, 2004

wel heres what i think

i donut liek thee mr spock
the reson why i canot grok

update! ok!

but thsi i kno an its a fatc
i doe nat like thy mr... ummm... spatc.

chasin the ducs

the publec gardans in botson r cool case they haev the big docks u ride in on the pand. er mabe their gese. i duno. but anyway the watars shalow in the pnod. so what u can do is if uve got real big boots u can make beliv ur a yety an chais the dukcs like ur tryin a scair em. an lep around an rore at em like roooooaaar groooaaahhh an waiv ur arms. the reson its funy is cas their not rely alive. there just boats. so they cant get scared.

its totly fun but the cops get al pisy abot it an make u stop.

bogl etaqet

its good bolg etaqitte whan ur in an argumant too act liek the other guy is a totle idiot an also a lyin a-hole. thats becas he usaly is. an so are u probly or u wuldn be arguin wiht him.

December 29, 2004

ok so enyway

i tryd 2 play a pianan but i cut my slef hitin it. on the farhed. mabe i was hitin it to hard. it hutr so i was like fuck u paina im gona play a hurgy-urgy insed.

plaing a insrament is hard.

o yeh

u can also say ep ep ep ep ep but that dosnt make any sence. just so weir on teh same paig.

groon groon!

groons a cool wrod. goroon. rgroon. u can say stuf wiht it. like

he mad a groon thig


a sarafal groon

er whaterr! gron. groon. ok!

December 01, 2004

Word Scrambler

Paste text into the box and click the "Scramble" button.

We're dealing with a pretty cruddy "random" number generator even by the howlingly permissive standards we're used to on computers, but it gets the idea across.

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