November 25, 2006

killlller fcat!

the wehreabouts of edwin hubles remains remain unknoown to this very day!


atentoin! that vary day is goone with teh snoows of yestatreryear! today is a new day an i donot now know whathner the wherabots of humbals remamins stil remains unknown.

thank u. an thnnks to kierern in teh coments for alertign me of teh need for a reapraislal of the curent state of myy ignoreence.


teh law dodsnt give a crap abuot trifles!

November 16, 2006

let momy just TRY to killl THIS aniamal

juust ot teh latast newsletar form our local nerd emporiom. well guess what? they got stufed mooon beastes!

Stuffed Moon Beast

dude! that sooo rules. im gona get my niece one.

November 15, 2006

o nooo!

you're momy kils anamals!!


if u sreach for 'retard' on youtobe ti apeares to be a poupluar theme.

November 06, 2006

kilar fcatt!1

teh great soul an gospal singar mavis stapals is a mean golfar.

goud ol offa!

November 02, 2006


whan i sign in the crar i aweys wory poeopl e wil thignk im swaring at em.

mabe if i talgatead em less?


shuould i quit wavigin the gun aruound to?

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