January 14, 2010

Schiele Take a Bow

Fake Twitter feed for Nick Cave:

  1. I'm sorry that your coffee's bitter, I'm sorry I've forgotten how to Twitter; it's just that I think my heart and soul are kind of famished.
  2. Refreshing Susie's Facebook profile and sighing. "It's Complicated" -- what can that mean?
  3. Hired a bartender at Murder Salads. Sipping his first creation, a Tamarind Limoncello Jefferson, and grimacing inwardly.
  4. Figured out why L Cohen blocked me when I tried to bond with him over his Lovecraftian gchat status. Turns out "Sukkot" isn't what I thought
  5. Hidden in the attic, eating crisps and complaining to Tracy Pew via Ouija board.
  6. Trying to leave Blixa a voicemail for the past 37 minutes. Still listening to his greeting.
  7. Rifling through the botanical edition of the Poet's Rhyming Dictionary. I knew I shouldn't have ended that last line with "amanuensis."

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Matrix by David Roy

Sculpture. Wow. Cool!

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January 08, 2010

"The Things" by Peter Watts

New SF from Peter Watts: "The Things". It's John Carpenter's The Thing reimagined from the monster's point of view, à la John Gardner's Grendel.

It's better than Grendel, better than the classic John W. Campbell novella Carpenter based the movie on, better than the movie. 7,000 words of pure balls-out hard-edge Weird. It will leave marks on your brain. It's among the very best SF I've ever read. Go read it.

That is, if you "get" SF. Some don't.




January 02, 2010

klier ftac!

Coca-Cola ad by N. C. Wyeth

The plastic soda bottle was invented by Nathaniel Wyeth, son of the great illustrator N. C. Wyeth.

Actually, he was better than great. He was... Cugat.

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