August 20, 2006

lmup it! an no backtlak.

roger mcguinn ha sa bogl. teh fat beardy ol cunt. snigs prety thuough.

i amost thhrew in some guitarnerd crap but than i relized im trying my redars patiense to omuch already. actuuly this ones anyoing anywhay isnt it? well tough shit! like it or lmup it!

an if u dont know howta lmup it i sugest you take lesons. if putup with slacknes an indiscipline on the part of my readres for too long. those days are over.

August 16, 2006


Good news! The white smoke has at last risen from the International Astronomical Union. We now know whether Pluto is, or is not, a planet:

...Pluto's right to be called a planet... will be resolved by extending the accolade to three more celestial bodies...

And a wise decision it is, too, for the IAU to show its appreciation in this way. A refusal to do so could lead only to the frustrated rage of the disposessed, with predictable consequences.

It is all very exciting. Yesterday we thought there were only nine planets, but now we have learned that there are twelve! This surprising new information will surely have a considerable impact on our understanding of the solar system.

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August 14, 2006

kllier fact!

'kittens are considered... cute'.

now they telme!

August 13, 2006


  1. porjec watanabe has come roarogin back form his selfimposed exile!

  2. have u sean teh treadmil thign? im always the last too know but hjust incase not u should! its pure unadultrated geniuas!

  3. its to damn hot im my ofice.

  4. 'swepat with confusd alarams of sturgle an flight'

  5. borign nerd content follas!!1! knofpler uses 10s?!

August 04, 2006

klillar fact!

DUHHHH!, yesterday.davad mamat looks liek a totel moron! jesus. youd sweare he was racovrign form unsucesful brain surgery.

but hes right about grenre fiction. gota hamd im that. an abuot teh death of barrett bonden too. 1

via laguage lorg.

1 if ur nto a patrick obrian nerd juts ignoare that one.


in the coments our loyal folawer plootron says

That's what the marthambles does to you. He could be the poster child.

dude man all u anonamos lurkars out there (ok botha ya) all teh cool kids are levign comennts an whe're are you? out int he clod thats where!

August 03, 2006

a pllea

dear redars! ok i opand my mail wich i usuly dont do bcause quite fanrkly teh ladies are prety much in awe of me already but anyhow i gota emial form my brothar!

I just Gogoled marthambles [he tlaks funy liek that — ed] and your blog came up like 5th. You epicene freak. What is your fucking problem? The next time you see me coming you'd better run, as the poet sang, and that's all I've got to say about it, motherfucker. "Marthambles", my ass...

so ive gota raquest to meake! i dont wana be fith. i wannna be first dammit!

so anyboddy up for gloogal bobmign me? just paiste the folawign crap inta evary post on ur bolg! in evary comant! put it in ur sidebar and your tital thigny!

<a href="">marthambles</a>

youl get ur raward in heaven i promise you. an youll have the geretar rweweard of beign part of someghing biger then yourself. somethign menignful. something that tarancends our pety difrances an binds us togathar in oru comon humanity. also its pointles an realy stupid!


i thuoght 'epacene' was a bit harsh.

anotharh updte!

our raedar oaudreay hotrey is hasling me about the falulasly rapulsive moregellons disease. actuly its to horable to lauvhg at. im gtrygna cut down on the elimanointist retoric.

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