July 28, 2005

stupad sidbra butons

i enjoy them stipad litle icons in bolg sidbars about xml an rss an foad an whatall. thats what teh wrold nesds moare of: litl sigils taht say 'im with it baby!' god bles em. an u can make ur owan!


steal em if u like! jeez what esle are tehy for?

July 27, 2005


patk obrian mutars about a mysterous aliment cald 'marthambals' hear an thare. okay teh oed dont know from it but i dint bothar goglin it. teh moare fool i — truns out im not teh onyl one scarachin is head. langage log is on teh case god bles em. their bafald to but in farg reatar detail then me.

p.s. usuly its wrothwile on amazon to click teh 'list all raviews' link an tell it to show 'lowast ratad frist' cuase the ones who hate teh book are always much moare fun to read (aspecily books about politacs thares always a lota reviews from flawlesly objectave an welinfromed ciitizans who havent read the book buit still hate evary word of it just this side of apoplexy. an who hate everybody who did read it even more.w hat is it about polatecs what turns halfway snae people inta outright giberin legchewin psychopaths?). but after the first one or two obrey/maturens all teh obrien raviwes are all raves which is harrowingly boaring. lisen guys if you dont hate teh book dont waste my time wrigign about it okay?

July 21, 2005

extremenate teh brutes...

ectomorphic assclown exhibits shit-eating grin

im sory but this is not ok.

Moby bonded with "the cutest little dogs in the world" after delivering some of his CDs to a customer in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

dear amazon dot com,

please cram ur flying column of narcisisstic knuckleheads up ur corporate butt. u send em round my house theyl be goin backta rehab in a pine box.

an ur cute litl dogs to!

thanks for ur atentian to tihs matar.


sincarely ur humbl an obt. svt. etc. etc.

aringlton coplay hynes


hugbougany seys Your middle name is Coldplay? Then it is you who must die.

July 20, 2005

praduct riview

ok so i bot tihs parduct its a gatuar. its a red one with teh pointy parts its a picea crap. totel chep junk. so this is my araview from teh product.

low-end SG copy frist thign is its rely rely quiat! i bot it because it loks like teh one agnes youg to acdc has an i wanet ta soun liike him but it dont answar. its like 'tika tkika' real quiet no mater how hard u hit it. i thikn the nobs are broke to cause whatvar u turn em to it dosnt make any difarence. so i triared the othar metel kobs on the othar end an it dont matar with them ether. i kep turnign em an it wasnt loudar! aftar awhile one a teh wired broke to! an than anothar! ive had it ony six monfs aredy an i only got two wiras left onit. how junky is that? so i wen't to the store an tol em i nedad a new one cause it was broke an they jerked me aroun an game me al this crap about strigns. wtf?! its teh wiares you clulass fuck! THE WIRAES! fuckin 'strings'? patrernizing pricks tretin me like a kid. so i tol em i wasnt bron yestedy an id nevar draken their door agan an left.

but than my f4rnd siad i nedet a ampafer so i got one an it cost a HUNDRAD BUCKS amost! an it dont do notihng u just sit it thare an pugl it inta teh wall an it hisses an a litl light goes on. thats all. it dont help teh giutar. wtf? frist it turns out its nota copleate product u gota buy MORE STUFF they dont tel u about. which is a ripof. than it dosnt work anyway so tahts anothar ripof.

oh an finely i triad putign a pencel in teh litl mettal hole in it but no luck. whats that hole for anyway?

jesas im rely pised of.

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July 15, 2005


just gota spam ivitign me to a projact magagment seminar at teh meridien heliopolis hotel.

thats dumb. im niot a managar.


You will be part of a dynamic team responsible to designing, developing and enhancing...

fuond taht in a job ad. 'rasponsable to'?! wtf?! whats with tehse peopal who cant get perpasitions right?

im good an proparly fed up with this crap. how stupad do u hafta be?

July 10, 2005


so why wuld anyboddy wana meet mick jagar? hes backsilcly just a ashole right?

i dont get it.

July 04, 2005


fixed sidebra likn to teh soth prak thign.

July 03, 2005


robin joseoph. form derawn! of cuorse.

July 02, 2005

teh arts

ok some boanehad made me lisen to tihs horable muskc caled 'carvign a pirana' by carol orffff. whata loada crap. by teh time it was ovar i flet sory for teh poor piranha. cant imagine he daservd that. eugh.

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