August 29, 2005


cats is paculeuir cretures. they act as if scrachin ones ears wiht ones tonails was a raspecteble ocupation.

thing is... loking at it objectavely... how can i be suare their wrong?


tihs coments thread has degenareted into me're anerchy er worse. im afraid to look in.

August 28, 2005

poor corperet selfesteam

i dont thikn their horibo at all! infact tehir quite tasty.

August 25, 2005

teh gatharing strom

at no smal risk to hlimslef our redar mnk has larted us to the true magnatuade of the brugnign man clowan threat. its real folks. an its worsn id feared:

Circus Freaks will surround you — in the air, circled in fire and lurking in dark corners! Aerialists defy certain death as they hang from their toes 25 feet above unforgiving concrete, killer klowns wreaking havoc, and our surprise freak show.

notice the charectaristicaly clowenlike gramar in the secend sentance. yep its athenatic all right. this is not a dril! these greasepanted asps are drivign straight for teh heart of our bosoms!

August 21, 2005

the wages of clowanery

our loyel reder sputtermutter has derawn uor atention to a confermd clowan atack in nevader:

Dennis Hinkamp had to have two plates implanted in his arm after the attack...

is no one safe?! teh clowan bopped im aan stoale his bike. an than fled to the pacifistic northwaste!

seems the cloewn was a mebmer of a shadowy orgenization caled 'anarchoclowans'. its nto clear what they're goals are but if there hagning out at brunign man in clowen suits its a safe bet their up to somthign stupid.

August 18, 2005

confadential to gougal user in wollongong

no i dont have 'pichers of me' heare. nor of you. piss off.

p.s. 'wollongong'?! tahts goofy evan for astrelia. why cant u have nromel names for plases? like niskayuna? or schwenksville? have u no gravitas at all sir?

August 16, 2005

hyuk hyuk

i red teh brit specal forcas guys have dustad off some old .303 enfeidls an they're usign em in iraq.

yep. their loaded for boer.


our dear reder rorb has choasan to share wiht the group a awful aflictoin:

I fuckin love puns.

it garieves me sumpin fierce to say it but im aferaid thares no cure.


bysnadter says.

A bun is the lowest form of wheat.

nooooo! maek it stop! waht have i done?!

August 13, 2005

it was unavodable

so i gogled john clavin. nevar mind why (wasn any thign dirty). an i got these ads on teh side of hte pageg. im spechles. i nevar knew calvin was avialble without a parscription!

comfertign to know taht about the poape thuogh. ill amit now ive had my duobtts.

August 11, 2005

the natiens newspapar of record. ahem.


why wuold i give a rats ass whare bono hangs out whit mike jagar? do tehy thikn im a psychoapth? wel mabe in nyc thats not a unresonabel asumption.


redars phil an rob obsareve taht if u know whare mook jaguar is gona be than u can be somehware else. so its precoius invormation indeed.

August 03, 2005

okey dokey

getin on a arpolane tomora an goin awa' for a few days. if they dont let me play my banja in teh cabin ur gona hear abot it on the news.

fiaght the pawor!

August 01, 2005

were dooooomed

just raserved a rentel car. 87 difern cars listad. exacly zero of em had a manial tramission.



an they onyl had one convertabel an it was a sucky car thatd probly handle like a sacka crap. an evan if u wantad taht one u culdn get any garantee taht itd be red. wtf?!

mark my wrods. no nation so constatutad can logn endure.

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